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Whether you need standard shirts through our accessibility program or custom-tailored shirts for your personal needs, Chemise Empire will deliver products at competitive prices, in accordance with your specific requirements. We commit to pay the utmost attention to details in all phases of the production process, from the design of the product to its manufacture, through inspection and shipping, while meeting the deadlines.



Personalized patterns

Our pattern development team works with the customers in order to assist them in making the right choices and to answer their questions. We are able to design patterns which will meet your requirements or to modify existing patterns to better suit your needs.

Optimal use of raw materials

Relying on a powerful software program to manage the cutting of the fabric and the utilization of the raw material, we can avoid costly mistakes, minimize the non-quality costs and optimize the fabric utilization right from the first steps of the production process.

Automated cutting room

Using automatic quilting and cutting technologies, we are able to reach exceptional results through excellent cutting quality and high production capacity. This state-of-the-art equipment allow us to benefit from all the required flexibility to easily manage on a just-in-time basis the volume variations between mass production orders, small orders and unexpected orders.

Superior quality raw material

For Chemise Empire, quality starts with raw material quality. The systematic control of raw materials as they are received will guarantee that the final product will meet the quality requirements even before production starts. We also are in permanent contact with our main suppliers in order to ensure a constant supply of material meeting our stringent quality criteria.

Precision manufacturing

Sewing is an art which requires precision and accuracy. Our experienced employees are constantly checking their work and giving particular attention to small details in the process.

We also have at our disposal a variety of sophisticated equipment which allows us to deal with complex orders at high speed, while complying with exacting precision requirements. Our equipment is also maintained and calibrated as to guarantee optimal performance at all times.

Customized requirements

In accordance with your particular needs, we can meet all your embroidering or other customizing requirements.

Continuous improvement

Our continuous improvement program is a high priority item at Chemise Empire. This initiative which involves all our employees, allows us to constantly move forward and improve the work processes through simple changes. Also, in order to evolve further, we invest in state-of-the-art technologies which allow us to improve our efficiency.


Famous for its Canadian production, Chemise Empire is also able to offer short delivery delays on items kept in stock, allowing us to answer your needs efficiently and at competitive prices.

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