Being part of the Empire Shirt team means being actively involved in the making of shirts shipped across Canada each week. A job with us means:

  • Full-time permanent employment, day shift only, a 4 and a half day week (week ending at noon on Friday);
  • 4 weeks of vacation each year fully paid after 3 years of service, 3 consecutive weeks of vacation in the summer;
  • 2 additional weeks off available;
  • A healthy, well-lit and air-conditioned facility.

Even though you may not know anything about sewing, we have a job for you!

All the jobs available at Empire Shirt require good dexterity, visual acuity as well as good operating speed.

Spontaneous application

Take the opportunity to share your talents by submitting your resume: the next opportunity could be the right one for you!


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Sewing operator

The making of a shirt includes several assembly and finishing operations performed on industrial sewing machines. The individual responsible for each of these steps uses his expertise in order to meet customer requirements.


Automated Equipment Operator

These operators are assigned various tasks, which are generally performed at the beginning of the production cycle. They essentially feed the automated equipment with fabric pieces and the required components. The resulting product is then transferred to the next workstation.


Product Inspector

Once the shirt has completed the manufacturing cycle, it has to go through final inspection. The inspector performs a visual inspection, according to procedures, to ensure that we deliver a quality product to our customer.


Ironing and Folding Attendant

Once it has been through the inspection process and found in compliance, the shirt must be ironed and folded before it is placed in a box for shipment. This attendant makes sure that the packaging meets the customer requirements.


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