Empire Shirt Ltd offers a full range of superior quality uniform shirts suited for security professionals as well as the institutional, promotional and corporate markets.

The ACCESSIBILITY program allows for fast delivery dates as well as competitive prices for shirts carried in inventory. Relying on 20 years of experience in the import business, Empire Shirt Ltd has developed a network of reliable and efficient suppliers without compromising its ethical values.

Through its TAILOR-MADE program, Empire Shirt provides the opportunity to develop a shirt pattern in accordance to your needs and your actual situation. A multi-disciplinary team in ourLouisevilleplant, in Québec, manufactures the shirts. Our pattern maker will be able to guide you and convert your ideas into a unique design.

The FLEXIBILITY advantage makes it possible to personalize your uniform shirts thanks to a wide range of options. Combine it with the ACCESSIBILITY program, and it is possible to add a Velcro strip, a badge, a 3M strip, etc., to your shirts.


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